We provide excellence in our work, down to the very last detail.


We are passionate about our customers.

The success of their landscaping is our success.

Since 2008 On Time Landscaping has been providing customized landscape care.  Every customer and property is unique so On Time Landscaping customizes our bids / proposals for each of our customers.  

Customers and staff deal directly with the Owner of On Time Landscaping for a number of reasons including accountability and keeping the distance from A to Z as short as possible. 

We strive for:

  • Safety 
  • Performance
  • Accountability
  • Work to be done right.
  • Environmental stewardship.  Click here.  
  • Being accessible which includes answering phone calls and respond to emails. 
  • Cost controls and consistency for both us and our customers. Over time certain costs rise including wages, insurance, gas, etc. The cost of our services does not need to increase and the number of hours worked at customers properties do not need to decrease. Click here.

Commercial property maintenance and management


  Landscaping is the first and last thing customers and tenants see when they arrive and leave a property.

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HOA and multi family maintenance and management


Our first customer was an HOA.  

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Residential installation and design


 At residential properties we focus on one-time jobs such as installing new landscapes, irrigation work, HOA compliance and SNWA grass conversions.

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Many landscaping tasks are labor intensive.  Wages are increasing but do not need to affect how much customers pay every month or see a reduction in the number of hours spent at customers properties.

Some industries including the fast food industry have been implementing technology to keep costs like the kiosk to the right.  

Currently the landscaping industry does not have many viable options to replace field employees with machines.  

Landscapers and their customers regularly weigh costs and the level of service they need, want and get.  Increasing costs and prices or decreasing the number of hours spent at customers properties does not  necessarily need to happen.  Click here to read about it.

 If your current landscaping vendor is not addressing increasing costs with you; they are giving you a reason to talk to On Time Landscaping.    

We look forward to hearing from you.

Telephone: 702-348-8399

Email: info@ontimevegas.com