Since 2008 On Time Landscaping has provided customized landscape services to our customers.  Customers and staff deal directly with the owner of On Time Landscaping to keep the distance from A to Z as short as possible.  On Time Landscaping is a licensed contractor and is licensed to spray for weed control.  Both are required by law and can protect property owners.  

Commercial, industrial and office

Commercial, industrial and office

Commercial, industrial and office


We provide landscape maintenance and do one-time jobs/enhancements at commercial, retail, office and industrial properties.

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HOA and multi family

Commercial, industrial and office

Commercial, industrial and office


Our first customer was an HOA.  We provide landscape maintenance and do one-time jobs/enhancements at HOA and multi family properties. 

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Commercial, industrial and office



 At residential properties we focus on one-time jobs such as installing new landscapes, irrigation work, HOA compliance, enhancemets and SNWA grass conversions.

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Hand picking is not always a cost effective way of controlling or killing weeds.  On Time Landscaping is one of a few landscaping companies in southen Nevada that is properly licensed to spray for weed control.  Click here to read more.

Contractors licenses are much different than business licenses.  Contractors licenses are often times required by law and can protect property owners.  

A contractors license is required...

  • "if a job is $1,000 or more"   Source. 
  • to install rock, plant trees, shrubs...and to lay sod.  Source

A contract with an improperly licensed person/company

  •  is not valid...the bid or contract shall be deemed “void ab initio”. (source).    

Residential recovery fund

  • may cover up to $35,000 in damages if a property owner is harmed by failure of a properly licensed contractor to properly perform qualified services.  Source  

"...Unlicensed (Improperly) contracting activity is illegal in Nevada and

  •  penalties can escalate from a misdemeanor, to a gross misdemeanor and to a Class E felony.  Source   

Check if a company has a contractors license

  • with the Nevada Contractors Board.   There is a drop down menu to search by company name, license number and principal / qualified individual.  Click here.

Consider this.

 Many landscape maintenance tasks including hedge trimming are labor intensive so as costs rise something has to happen.   In 2020 Nevadas minimum wage increased by about 9%.  Certian large companies minimum wages are $15 per hour.  Some people might prefer working indoors especially during the hottest months of the year so they compete with landscapers for staff.  We think there are three options.

  • Pass the cost on to customers.

  • Decrease the number of hours spent at each property each week so margins can be maintained.   

  • Review how money is being spent and see if some changes, possibly in plant material can reduce or eliminate reoccuring expenses.  

If your current landscaping vendor is not talking to you about these costs they are doing you a disservice.  We hope that you reach out to our staff to discuss what we can do together to reduce all of ours exposures to reoccuring and increasing costs.  Our phone number is 702-348-8399  

Our Email address is

 Hedge trimming uses noisy and polluting hedge trimmers and blowers.  We do not need to use them.    Click here to read about it.

Granular fertilizer is popular and has issues since we are in the desert.  There are better ways to fertilize.  Click here to read about it.  

We look forward to hearing from you.

 Telephone: 702-348-8399


Lee Canyon Winter Sports Club

On Time Landscaping is a proud sponsor of the Lee Canyon winter sports club.

The club provides training and competition programs for aspiring young  athletes.  Professional coaching helps educate athletes in proper athlete management, goal setting, mental skills training, on-snow training, and race preparation and NASTAR racing, weather permitting.