We provide excellence in our work, down to the very last detail.

HOA and multi family properties.

Our first customer was an HOA.

Landscape maintenance and management are different.

We understand how important the look of landscaping is for residents and potential residents at HOAs and multi family properties.  We understand that your properties landscaper plays a vital role in the look, longevity and cost of your landscaping.  

We consider maintenance to be the daily or weekly items most pepole see landscapers doing which include weeding, blowing and hedge trimming, the micro aspect of landscaping.  

The management or macro part of landscaping involves how reoccurring and increasing costs are dealt with.  Working with our customers allows us to minimize both of our exposures to items like increasing and reoccurring wages of the staff in the field who do things that can not be automated.  

Plants are more than just things to look at or to pay to have maintained.  The Arbor Day Foundation has compiled information, some of which we find interesting.  One is;  "The net cooling effect of a young, healthy tree is equivalent to ten room-size air conditioners operating 20 hours a day."   https://www.arborday.org/trees/benefits.cfm

 We look at and consider costs like hedge trimming and what we can do to reduce or eliminate them. 


We want to keep the amount of noise staff makes to a minimum and when they do make noise we do our best to consider the time.  Many times staff wants to do work early in the morning when it is going to be hot out to try and beat the heat but many residents, especially if their house is near the landscaping do not apprecaite the early start.  We have ways to work with this.  

Our landscape services include:

  • Trimming, hedging, mowing, and weeding type services.
  • Fertilizing which may mean not using typical granular fertilizer.
  • Turf removal and conversion. Possibly use the SNWA rebate.
  • Irrigation monitoring, repair and installation.
  • Tree oversight and emergency work
  • Landscape planning, renovation and replacement
  • Regular customer interaction

Environmentally conscious

  • Hedge trimming uses gas and oil, there is a lot of waste and noise generated that is not necessary.
  • Granular fertilizer is popular but consider that it is typically activated with water and how little rain we get and it is not necessarly activating the fertilizer at the right time for the plants.  Many times it gets blown out of the landscaping and disposed of.  There are better ways to fertilize in the desert. 
  • While there is not much grass left some properties have it and it typically uses more water, nutrients and time than desert landscaping.