We provide excellence in our work, down to the very last detail.

HOA and multi family properties.

Our first customer was an HOA.

We understand 

  • How important the look of landscaping is for residents, potential residents and visitors.

  • That cost plays a role.

On Time Landscaping is sensitive to the specific requirements of HOAs.  Our first customer was an HOA.  Our staff is trained and expected to treat your community as if it was their own. 

Many people do not want to spend more to maintain their landscaping than they have in the past. We understand that.  Many landscapeing maintenance tasks are labor intensive and overtime costs increase such as wages, insurance and gas.  

  • For HOAs that want to keep their existing plants we make sure we spend enough time during each visit to give take care of their landscaping properly with the understanding that costs may rise.

  • We work with a number of customers to develop and implement beautification plans that can reduce all of our exposures to these reoccurring and increasing costs.


We want to keep the amount of noise staff makes to a minimum and when they do make noise we do our best to be considerate of what time it is made.  When it is going to be hot out many times landscapers want to try and beat the heat partially because of safety and partially because crews typically work more slowly when it is hot out meaning costs are higher when it is hot out.  Some residents, especially if their house is near the landscaping do not appreciate the early start.   We have ways to deal with this.  

Consider this.

Bushes that get hedge trimmed multiple times a year means

  • A large number of hours each year are spent to keep them looking "neat and trimmed" which exposes everyone to increasing costs. 


  • Everyone has a different amount of growth that is acceptable to them between trimmings. A well written contract / agreement means everyone is on the same page and can figure out monthly / annual costs. “Neat and trim” or similar terms does not allow anyone to know exactly what is expected. 

  • The use of noisy and polluting hedge trimmers and blowers. 


  • A lot of trash/debris is created and Republic Services who owns the only landfill in Clark county does not recycle green waste.  

We have ways to reduce or eliminate these issues.  

Our landscape services include:

  • Trimming, hedging, mowing, and weeding type services.
  • Fertilizing which may mean not using typical granular fertilizer.
  • Turf removal and conversion. Possibly use the SNWA rebate.
  • Irrigation monitoring, repair and installation.
  • Tree oversight and emergency work
  • Landscape planning, renovation and replacement
  • Regular customer interaction

Environmentally conscious

  • Granular fertilizer is popular but consider that it is typically activated with water and how little rain we get and it is not necessarly activating the fertilizer at the right time for the plants.  Many times it gets blown out of the landscaping and disposed of.  There are better ways to fertilize in the desert.  Click here to read more about this.

  • While there is not much grass left at commercial properties some properties still have it.  It typically costs more to maintain than  desert landscaping and the SNWA may help pay to do a conversion.   On Time Landscaping is a water smart contractor and 100% of the conversion jobs we have done have been approved by the SNWA on their first inspection.

The Arbor Day Foundation

 has compiled information, some of which we find interesting.  Two are  

  • Healthy, mature trees add an average of 10 percent to a property’s value. 

  • The net cooling effect of a young, healthy tree is equivalent to ten room-size air conditioners operating 20 hours a day.

New landscape installation and renovations photos

  We have instaled new landscaping for a number of different reasons at properties.  Some were code compliance, some were beautification projects.  The photos you will see are mainly at commercial and industrial propeties.  The work that was done is commonly done at HOAs.