We provide excellence in our work, down to the very last detail.


We understand that some property owners and managers want to see what their landscaping might look like before the work is done.  We have the ability to produce renderings.  In this case we did work at a bank near Pecole Ranch in a well known shopping center.







After photos

 Each of the properties in the photots below had different reasons for us installing new landscaping and are just some of the properties we have instaled new landscaping at more than a few plants here and there.  All of the projects were completed within budget and On Time.

Code compliance


We did a total renovation of this shopping centers landscaping because the City of Las Vegas required them to have new landscaping.  We installed new irrigatoin, new bushes and trees and decorative rock.

Code compliance


This is another building in the same complex to the left.

Total renovation


When the current owners purchased the building it was difficult to see it from the street so we removed all of the plants and then installed new irrigatoin, plants and decorative rock.

Code compliance


This center in west Las Vegas was required to install new plants which we did with after meeting with city employees to figure out what would work best.  We also installed new irrigation. 

Lack of maintenance


Many of the bushes died at this industrial complex when it was in ownership transistion so we installed new ones and took the mature size of the plants into consideration to minimize reoccuring costs.

Decorative rock


At this shopping center we installed over 170 tons of decorative rock in two days.  

New rock and plants


We installed over 150 tons of decorative rock and 50 new bushes and some new trees at this shopping center.

Property renovation


This apartment complex had grass that had died and the irrigation system did damage to the buildings.  The owners repaired the buildings and we installed a new irrigation system, weed barrier, bushes, trees and decorative rock.