the cost to run landscaping machines.

Blowers are a pretty commonly used machine in the Vegas valley.

 They are often used to clean up after bushes have been hedge trimmed and to remove leaves.  Stihl is a multinational manufacturer of blowers amongst other types of machines. Many of these machines are two stroke so gas and oil is mixed together to run the machine.  We made some assumptions to make the math easier and inputted the following information on to the fuel usage calculator on there website.  $3.10 per gallon for gas; run time of 10 hours per week; 52 weeks a year. They list 7 blowers and we figured out the average annual cost in thisexample is $1,009.50.  If blowers are being used at your property how much is it actually costing you?   



Plants can be diverse in their needs

including water and fertilizer / nutrients and their needs can vary by the time of year.  Granular fertilizer is commonly used throughout the Vegas valley at many properties. 

  • It is typically is activated when it gets wet and the Vegas valley gets rain a few times a year. Drip irrigation systems do not always activate fertilizer which means when it is activated it can create a feast of famine / all at once scenario for the plants and the nutrients are not always activated when the plants need them.

  •  The fertilizer tends to sit on the ground or near the surface for an extended period of time and can get blown away by landscapers’ blowers or in high winds. This means it either gets thrown away or goes into storm drains or areas it was not intended to go. 

There is an alternative.  If nutrients are delivered to plants through the irrigation system there is a good chance that less fertilizer is needed and possibly less water because more nutrient rich water is being provided to plants.  Many properties pay more per gallon for water the more water they use so minimizing the use of water in the higher tiers can save customers money.   The tanks the fertilizer is in is typically hidden from view in "standard" looking valve boxes.