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Being green / environmentally friendly can save property owners money.

Plants can be diverse in their need for fertilizer / nutrients and their needs can vary by the time of year. 

Granular fertilizer is commonly used through out the Vegas valley. There are problems with graular fertilizer and some of the issues are caused because It typically is activated when it gets wet and the Vegas valley gets rain a few times a year and uses drip irrigation systems.  This creates a feast of famine scenario for the plants and maybe they do not need that nutrient at that time of year.

The granulars sit on the ground or near the surface and can get blown away by landscapers blowers or in high winds.  This means it either gets thrown away or into storm drains or areas it was not intended to go.  

There is an alternative. 

If nutrients, or more or different nutrients were included in the water that irrigates the plants granular fertilizer would probably not be needed. There are ways to install typically small tanks underground with an irrigation box lid on top of them that allow nutrients to be picked up every time the irrigation comes on.  It takes a short period of time to install the tanks and refill them. 

Because it is so easy nutrients can be changed or added based on the needs of the properties landscaping. Instead of a feast of famine scenario this type of application provides a more consistent supply of nutrients and the hope is that the plants respond better than the feast of famine alternative of granular fertilization. 

The cost to hedge trim is usually a large  portion of properties landscaping expenses. Labor, equipment and disposal costs multiple times a year; year after year. It also produces noise pollution and the dust and debris that gets kicked up annoys car owners who are sometimes parked close by. The trimmings that are produced have to be disposed of. Republic Services operates the only landfill in Clark county and they do not recycle green waste. There are a couple of spots in the Vegas valley that accept green waste but the time it takes to go to and from their facility is usually cost prohibitive with smaller loads. 

  •  The Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) has a number of rebates they offer. Many people know about the money for grass and On Time Landscaping is a Water Smart Copntractor.  The SNWA says “A water smart landscape with very dense plantings uses less than half as much water as a lawn.” Source 

  • The SNWA also has rebates / coupons for “smart” irrigation clocks, car washes and pool covers